The truth about Angela Stoldt.

Angel Stoldt here, posting, by proxy, from Lowell Correctional Institution Annex. This is the first time I've spoken out to the public since my nightmare began on April 4, 2013. The media has only given you one side of the story, but has yet to report anything accurate. Please join me on this quest to reveal the truth and expose the many misconceptions in my case.
Almost six years ago, I had to defend myself against James Schaeffer, who was trying to kill me, resulting in his death, after which I temporarily lost my mind. Volusia County police and Florida prosecutors twisted facts, charged me with premeditated murder, and, with the help of my sister, convicted and sentenced me to life without parole.
My intentions for this website are to shed light on the injustices made in my case and to allow the public to see who I really am instead of the monster the media made me out to be. Also, it is my hopes that some Criminal Trial Attorneys take an interest in attaining me as a client pro bono for the purpose of righting a grievous wrong.
The following pages are the Statement of Facts and Grounds for my Post Conviction Relief as well as some brief explanations and history. There is also a Contact page with ways to write or email me. Feel free to ask me questions and, if I can, I will post your questions with my answers on the Q&A page. Please understand that, unless you are my legal counsel, there are some questions that I can not answer until the case is finally closed. Also, be sure to check out my links page to learn about the laws which upon my case hinges and to follow the new postings about me on other sites. Please keep in mind that I am the only person who knows what really happened that night and I am a firm believer the the truth will set me free.